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Experience Matters!

Experience MattersMortgage Performance is a team of experienced professionals that list and sell residential and commercial real estate; arrange commercial real estate financing; provide real estate consulting services.

If you are buying or selling residential or commercial real estate, or are seeking commercial real estate financing, or re-financing, for a residential or commercial project, you have come to the right place. Robert Kushner is an experienced independent residential and commercial real estate agent that both lists and sells all forms of real estate, as well as serving as a financing consultant with various national brokers and lenders, all leading companies in the broad field of real estate procurement and financing. Through his relationships with these companies, he is able to provide financing, and re-financing, for Motel, Multi-family, Retail, Industrial, Mobile Home Parks, RV Parks, Commercial and mini-storage warehousing, Office, gas stations, hotels and resorts, healthcare, student housing and miscellaneous specialized commercial properties. In addition, Robert is an active listing and sales agent in the field of commercial real estate, with a specialty in commercial property. Robert has the requisite experience and knowledge in both real estate and real estate finance to assure your success, and his affiliation with these professional firms and his professional network of commercial brokers to provide the best service in both residential and commercial real estate sales and financing. He has a very successful record of escrow closings over 40 years in all aspects of real estate, from residential homes and subdivisions to many types of commercial real estate properties.

In addition, we offer COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT LEASING programs for a large segment of the business community. From aircraft to agriculture, we can arrange a lease plan that is unique to your specific business, or functional needs. We are very aggressive in the field of fitness and health centers equipment leasing, as well as in the office equipment, hardware and software field, and in other professional settings. And, we offer lease plans for all credit categories.

Robert has personally built on decades of real world experience buying and selling residential and commercial real estate as an investor. He knows and understands all aspects of residential, commercial, and investment-income properties.

Part of the problem has been that some lenders, and in many cases, the commercial loan originators, have not been “in the field”, which is to say dealing on a daily basis with buyers and sellers. Thus, they often do not understand what the typical commercial real estate owner is going through in an effort to make a profit from his investment, and that their accounting procedures, and in some instances financial management practices, are not always the traditional methods. Robert knows and understands the commercial business from the commercial property owners position, having been a commercial real estate owner over the years. As an investor, you can be assured that Robert knows where you are coming from, what you are looking to do, and what will be the best way to accomplish your goal. Whether it is new financing or re-financing, Robert will tell it like it is….and you will know your options. In the field of residential mortgages, whether it is the more traditional FHA and VA home loans, to the more creative and timely Adjustable Rate loans, Robert knows the field from A to Z, and can counsel borrowers accordingly. He has been intimately involved with the entire varied home and commercial sales and lending field. The added advantage that Robert has is that he is partnered with outstanding commercial real estate sales, lending and equipment leasing firms that have been extremely successful over the years. This is a combination that can greatly benefit the buyer and user of commercial property. Financing is the key, and Robert will help you secure this needed part of the transaction.

How are we different than other real estate and financing companies?…is often asked of me. We strive to provide a very realistic and personal professional services for each client. We treat every buyer and every borrower as if he/she is the most important person at that time in our business day. Financing is the key to most real estate purchasers, thus we treat it with “kid gloves”. Our interaction with our various company underwriters stresses the importance of “our clients”. Our clients are just not buying real estate, but in many cases they are buying a major investment, a major factor for their retirement income, or that “dream property” they have been watching for years. We work hard to understand the goals of the borrower…and then do all we can to help the borrower accomplish this goal.

Robert Kushner DBA Mortgage Performance is not a loan broker nor a loan originator.