Self Storage

Self-Mini Storage

Self storage real estate represents an excellent investment opportunity. The right property can generate substantial income while appreciating in value. However, finding the right property for your specific needs can be difficult. Selling a self storage real estate project requires specialized knowledge and expertise. My team can assist you in finding the right property for your specific needs.

My team of experienced real estate professionals will help evaluate your needs, identify properties which meet those needs, negotiate the purchase of the property, and, if necessary, assist you in obtaining financing.

We offer a full range of services to buyers. As a Buyer Client you will receive all of the information provided to a prospective buyer, but more importantly, you will receive our knowledge, advice, and assistance in negotiating and closing a transaction.

Self Storage facilities, as with most commercial properties, differ greatly in size, price, location, and condition quality.  Below are some examples of Self Storage facilities in California. Contact me for details on financing, photos, and details of the properties.