What is a Hard Money Loan?

We may be the hard money arranger that you need for all kinds of business loans, including real estate business loans.  Bad credit can be a non-issue with us. We want to help you get the hard money that you need, when you need it.  We provide the following types of loans for our borrowers:

•Commercial loans:  Any type of commercial property is acceptable, however, please be aware that we rarely make loans on land only.

•Residential Structures: Any single family home, townhouse, condo,  apartment or entire complex is usually acceptable. The property may not be used as your primary residence. Occasionally,  we have been able to use a primary residence under the strictest of circumstances. Again very rarely do we fund  this type of loan; please call for further information.

•Rehab loans:  We make loans for the sole purpose of rehabbing property.  Whether you plan to keep the house as a rental property or resell the property, The Company will be here to make your loan for you.  Typically, we ask that you have 15-35% of the purchase price of the property to use as a down payment and that you provide your own money for the fix-up.  Depending upon your credit, your experience, and the property address, we will sometimes make arrangements for borrowers to recover most of their down payment money through a draw system as the improvements are completed.

•Flips:  We loan money for properties whose sole purpose will be “flipping”.  It doesn’t matter whether or not the house is currently occupied.

•Bridge loans:  Any length of loan can be considered (3 months to 30 years).  Real estate or tangible property must be pledged.  Receivables are not acceptable for our loan terms.

•Foreclosures, REO’s, Short Sales:  Distressed properties are usually approved.  The  Company will consider single or bulk collateral.  Whether you are buying one property or one hundred properties, we can make the loan in the shortest of timeframes.

•Notes (performing or non-performing):  Please not that all loans of this type require some additional time to review.

•Tax liens:  Contact us for more information regarding these loans.

•Tangible assets:  Equipment, automobiles, boats, bullion, gemstones, jewelry, high end art, collectibles and/or firearms can be pledged for instant cash.